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VCTT Event Description
« on: October 28, 2022, 03:17:55 am »
Credit to Gohan. for image

What is the Vice City Team Tournament?

The Vice City Team Tournament is a refreshing newly-created event that will take place in our Vice City Attack & Defense server. It mixes both teams and clans from the VCMP community in what seems to make VCAD become one of the fiercest battlefields in all the game. This event is expected to take place on a yearly basis, with all the clans and teams evolving and developing themselves as the mightiest forces of VCMP.

Inscriptions and Participation

There is a limit of 8 teams for the event. 8 slots, split for both clans and teams that will earn their spot depending on how fast they submit their application. Teams will have a limit of x players with possibilities to get substitutes throughout the event. Your team captain will make an application with the name of your team and you will have to reply to that application with the information that is required there.

Important information: The limit of teams or clans is not limited to 4. There can be 6 clans and 2 mixed teams, or 7 mixed teams and 1 clan. It all depends on the team applications.

What is the Event Format?

1st stage - All vs all: Similar to the VCAD League format, all the teams will fight against all the teams in different dates (matchdays). The 2 teams that end up on top of the table with the most points will qualify to the Final Stage.

2nd stage - Finals: The 1st, and the 2nd place will encounter in the last stage to take the trophy home.

Graphical Overview

Team and Staff Applications

If you are interested to participate as a team in this tournament or assist as a staff member, please visit team & staff board.

Discord Channel

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Re: VCTT Event Description
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2022, 01:45:56 pm »

3 Matches per team - One date will be free for every team on each date.

Single Round Robbin:
We will use this system in favour to promote the competitiveness for the tournament, considered the amount of teams that we have here. 3 matches to show your skills and tactics all over the area on the maps you selected and then join the opponent territory.

4 rounds will be played.
2 Bases selected per team.

Lose= 0 POINTS.

Qualified teams will advance to the Final Stage, that will be a VCTT Finale.

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