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RPG System, Wall Glitch and Skins
« on: June 20, 2021, 03:41:33 pm »
RPG Cooldown system:

Although, the poll clearly says that the majority wanted token system to be removed but after discussing internally, we mutually decided it still gives an advantage for one player to take RPG again and again. For that, we've implemented cooldown system which works as this: If you've taken RPG in round, you will have 5 seconds cooldown to take set 6 in the next. If nobody took RPG in 5 seconds from your team, you would be able to take it again. This will work the same for all the future rounds.

RPG auto warn/ban:

Along with other changes, we've implemented RPG auto warn system. If a player does close range and server identifies, it will give automatically a warn. Five warns will lead to 1 week RPG ban. A ban will expire the previous number of warns too. If some player was warned wrongfully, he may provide evidence in his defense at forums to get unwarned. However, admins can also manually warn you if server fails to give warn due to certain reasons.

Wall Glitch:

As the poll says that we've to disable wall glitch for specific weapon but that's not possible through script. So, we've decided to remove the wall glitch completely. It will work the same in official matches.

New Skins:

Following skins have been selected after the poll results:


ID: 49

ID: 46


ID: 100

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