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Prize Pool Awards
« on: April 26, 2022, 04:45:27 pm »

Prize Pool Awards

As per Magna 2021's revolutionary initiative to increase competition within both the tournament and the greater community, the top 3 winning teams will be rewarded with their fair share of the total prize pool.

On behalf of the Magna 2021 staff team, I would like to thank [VU]RajPut* for his donation of $175 USD, [VU]Siezer for his donation of $50 USD, [VU]Ferrari32 for his donation of $50 USD and =TLA=juan* for his donation of $28 USD. The following awards are named after our generous sponsors:

1st place) "RajPut's award" of $151.50 USD: TBD
2nd place) "Vice Underdogs award" of $90.90 USD: TBD
3rd place) "Juan's award" of $60.60 USD: Raavan Ka Paltan

The winners of our 1st and 2nd place awards are to be decided after the outcome of the MAGNA 2021 FINALE match of Chaos Insurgency vs Demonic Force!

Please note that the Magna staff team will only be awarding the individual captains of the winning teams with their share of the prize pool. It is then up to the captains of each team to fairly distribute their winnings amongst their team members.

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