Author Topic: On behalf of Betyar - Unban appeal  (Read 454 times)



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On behalf of Betyar - Unban appeal
« on: February 22, 2022, 11:22:33 pm »
Nick used whilst ingame: [u1_J]Death_Divider
Time and Date that you were banned: February 20 of 2022
Suspected Reason (if any): Death Evading
Admin that banned you (if known): Juan I believe
Extra note: Good day. I am here to speak on behalf of my clanmate betyar, who has reached up to me to talk about his
ban. As some of you may acknowledge already, Betyar's English is not that good and his understanding of forums is not the best either. Apparently, he has been suffering with a Windows Client Activation issue, which makes him leave the game unintentionally and in the middle of fights. He also has suffered from it in other servers such as KoTH. Betyar accepted it was an evade, but it is completely out of his control to clear those update signs that appear while ingame.  I have talked to him and we are aiming for a solution for his problem. Betyar has always been a good player who doesn't break the rules. He has always abided the rules before, so I don't find any logic to why he would do something like evading intentionally nowadays. On behalf of betyar, we would like for you guys to give him an opportunity because that was an accident, nothing intentional. In addition, we would like to apologize to the players involved in the incident.

Thanks for considering
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Re: On behalf of Betyar - Unban appeal
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2022, 01:00:21 am »
Thank you for the appeal, betyar is now unbanned. However, please let him know this issue has to be fixed and he should record his gameplay until this is resolved otherwise we won’t be able to assist in this case any longer.