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Auction System functionality
« on: November 21, 2021, 10:59:42 am »

For everyone to understand better, we have prepared an explanation of how the auction system is gonna work in this season. Here is also a list of commands and their usage on Discord (where auction will take place). As a reminder, it's very recommendable that if you have a doubt even after finishing the lecture of this topic, you ask an administrator or any of the personnel to clarify it.

How will the auction work?

  • An "auction" is hosted before the event starts. A Discord bot will be hosting the auction script on the MAGNA Tournament Series channel.
  • Each team leader is given $200 credits to spend in the auction and form their team of 8 players, composed by 5 men in a primary squad and 2 substitutes.
  • The script will randomly pick players from the pool one-by-one and then the bidding will start.
  • Each team leader will put a determined amount of credits if they want said player in their team. The highest bidder, wins the bid and gets the player.

List of commands

!help - You can use this command to display the full list of commands.

!auction - Shows the current player on auction and the winning bid amount.

!teams - Shows the current roster of all teams and the cost of each player.

!credits - Shows the amount of money remaining for all leaders.

!status <player name> - Shows the current status of an applicant (team name, winning bid amount etc)

!bid <amount> - Submits a bid on the ongoing auction (Only for team leader ranks)
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