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Title: Script Updates
Post by: Siezer on June 20, 2021, 03:31:12 pm
v3.3.8 Update Patch logs (20-06-2021)

- RPG token system has been removed.
- RPG cooldown has been implemented.
- RPG warn for close combat has been implemented.
- Added 2 custom skins for red and blue (Credits to Deko for designing the skin)
- Wall glitch is disabled now.
- Fixed players recieving 200HP when a non-brawl base is played.
- Reduced brawl round timing to 3 minutes.
- Donators have now access to /searchbase command aswell.
- Made few tweaks.
Title: Re: Script Updates
Post by: Sean on January 24, 2022, 10:34:50 am
24-01-2022 - Patch v.3.3.9

Update logs:

- Fixed players receiving 200HP(every player in round), when a player makes a rampage kill.
- Fixed base Starfish villa #5, it is no more a brawl.
- Red faction is now considered as a brawl.
- A wait time of 4 secs have been added while switching between the sets.
- Improved cooldown timer for switching to the RPG set.
- Disabled flame for brawl bases - Malibu brawl & WK brawl.
- Fixed players set to be saved as in the old team, when the team is changed by an admin.
 (note: if the new team already gets the max set that you had chose earlier in the team, you will be automatically switched to set 0)
- Fixed players receiving wrong skins when the team is changed by an admin

Title: Re: Script Updates
Post by: Gohan on March 10, 2022, 05:42:34 pm
10/03/2022 - v.3.4 Patch update logs

I would like to thank Hazard for notfiying me the bugs constantly up to the time. - Mashreq